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  • Distribution Code Review Working Group

Distribution Code Review Working Group (DCRWG) is a subcommittee of DCRP that is responsible for the followings:

• Review, discuss and develop the distribution code and its implementation

• Ensure that the Distribution Code at all times and in all times and in all respects meets the requirements of the licenses of each licensed distributors.

• Review and discuss suggestions for amendments to the Distribution Code, which licensed Distributors, the Authority for Electricity Regulations or any user may wish to submit to Licensed Distributors for consideration by the Panel from time to time.

• Discuss what changes are necessary to the Distribution Code arising out of any unforeseen circumstances referred to it by Licensed Distributors.

Besides, DCRWG is constituted to assist DCRP Secretary to carry out other duties related distribution code.

The DCRWG shall comprise one member and one alternate member of each company of Licensed Distributors, which are:

• Muscat Electricity Distribution Company
• Majan Electricity Company
• Mazoon Electricity Company
• Rural Areas Electricity Company
• Oman Electricity Transmission Company

On the subject of the chairmanship, the DCRWG Chairmanship shall follow and rotate with the DCRP Chairmanship.


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