• Product Approval Section

Product Approval Section: is concerning about approving electrical products in the distribution network (below 132KV).  Product approval section set the grounds for an effective implementation of the product approval procedure within the distribution electrical sector and it is going to pave the way for the best technology to enter to the distribution network matching with Oman Electrical Standards (OES). The General Requirements for approving products by the DCRP:

  1.  Products shall be used on or form a part of Distribution Systems of Licensed Distribution (Electrical system less than 132 KV),
  2. Products should comply with the requirement of the OES   standard and the relevant specifications.
  3. Products shall be type tested in a third party laboratory certified internationally.
  4. Guaranteed technical Particulars (GTP) of the product is a mandatory requirement.
  5. Supplier/ Agent shall present all required data as mentioned in product approval procedure.


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