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Product Approval Working Group (PAWG) is a subcommittee of DCRP that is responsible for approving materials that may be used on or form a part of Distribution Systems of Licensed Distribution (Electrical system less that 132 KV). Besides, PAWG is constituted to assist DCRP Secretary to carry out other duties related to product approval. The PAWG shall comprise one member and one alternate member of each company of Licensed Distributors, which are:

  • Muscat Electricity Distribution Company
  • Majan Electricity Company
  • Mazoon Electricity Company
  • Rural Areas Electricity Company

On the subject of the chairmanship, the PAWG Chairmanship shall follow and rotate with the DCRP Chairmanship.

Product Approval Information & Downloads

Product Approval Procedure Version 1.3 (Feb 2015)

Checklist on General Requirements Submission

Suppliers List (Updation in Progress)

Regulations for Electrical Installations

Local Manufacturers List (Updation in Progress)

Active Product List (Jan- 2015)

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