The Distribution Code Review Panel has been established pursuant to article 90 of Royal Decree 78/2004 of the law for the regulation and privatization of the electricity and related water sector.

This Panel is governed by a constitution (copy attached) that defines its scope, membership, duties and rules of conduct and operation as approved by the Authority for Electricity Regulations.

In the following, we will present summary of the Panel's duties, membership and chairmanship.  

DCRP Role and Duties:
The main role of this panel is to review the distribution code of the electricity system less than 132 KV by coordinating between the licensed distributors of electricity in Oman, the Authority for electricity regulations and other companies that are forming the electricity sector.

Also, the panel is constituted to do the following duties:

  • Review, discuss and develop the distribution code and its implementation
  • Ensure that the Distribution Code at all times and in all times and in all respects meets the requirements of the licenses of each licensed distributors. 
  • Review and discuss suggestions for amendments to the Distribution Code which licensed Distributors, the Authority for Electricity Regulations or any user may wish to submit to Licensed Distributors for consideration by the Panel from time to time.
  • Discuss what changes are necessary to the Distribution Code arising out of any unforeseen circumstances referred to it by Licensed Distributors.
  • To review existing Oman Electrical Standards relevant to distribution systems of Licensed Distributors and make recommendations to the Authority concerning modifications to existing Oman Electrical standards or proposals for new Oman Electrical Standards relevant to Distribution Systems of Licensed Distributors.   
  • To determine which contractors should be approved to work on the distribution systems of Licensed Distributors.
  • To approve equipment that may be used on or form part of the Distribution Systems of LD.
  • Publish recommendations and ensure that Distribution Systems of LD.
  • Issue guidance in relation to the Distribution.

DCRP Membership & Chairmanship:
The Panel is consisting of the main members who are representing the Licensed Distributors in Sultanate of Oman and they are:

  • Muscat Electricity Distribution Company SAOC
  • Majan Electricity Company SAOC
  • Mazoon Electricity Company SAOC
  • Rural Areas Electricity Company SAOC

And other members representing the followings:

  • Authority for Electricity Regulation
  • Oman Power & Water Procurement Company  SAOC
  • Oman Electricity Transmission Company SAOC
  • Power Producers having Embedded Protection Facilities
  • Internally interconnected parties connected to Licensed Distributors distribution system.
  • Consumer Interest
On the subject of the chairmanship, the DCRP Chairmanship is limited to the members representing the Licensed Distributors in which each licensed distributors will chair the Panel for one year in each four years.
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