• Protection Control Section (PCS)

Protection Control Section is a section in DCRP that is responsible for certifying and authorizing protection engineers and relay testing and commissioning engineers who shall execute the protection works on the electrical distribution system.

Besides, PCS is constituted to assist DCRP Secretary to carry out other related duties out other related duties.                                                  

The protection authorization panel is comprising one member and one alternate member from protection departments of each company of Licensed Distributors, which are:

  • Muscat Electricity Distribution Company
  • Majan Electricity Company
  • Mazoon Electricity Company
  • Rural Areas Electricity Company
  • Dhofar Power Company 

In addition to the certification of the contractor and consultants applicants (DCRP applicants), PCS is also certifying all protection staff working in the distribution companies

The certification is following an approved process by DCRP chairman and the process workflow is subjected for updating by PCS as per business needs.

The following attachments are describing the overall application requirements and process workflow.


General Information

Autherization levels

Application requirements

Assessment criteria

Process workflow

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